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Artificial Grass Benefits

Our artificial grass comes with the following benefits

  • Maintenance free

    Everest Greener Grass® takes the hard work out of having a lawn area in your garden.

    Once the ground in your garden is prepared, our specialists will lay a special Geotex membrane to limit the chance of weeds growing through, before installing your Greener Grass® on top.

    Our synthetic grass is an ideal alternative to traditional turf and when in place will provide a soft, durable and totally realistic lawn with no mowing, trimming or watering required. In fact, all you need to do is sweep leaves and debris off the surface every so often.

  • Child and pet friendly

    When it comes to appearance and texture, Everest’s Greener Grass® is as close to the real thing as you can get.

    Greener Grass® is a soft, non-abrasive surface which means it’s completely safe for children and animals. It also contains no mud so it means rainy days are still playing out days without the worry of children’s clothes getting dirty or mud being traipsed through your home.

    And because Greener Grass® never needs watering it can also help you to save water, and prevents the necessity of using chemical lawn treatments and fertilizers, making it the environmentally friendly choice for any home.

  • Made to measure

    Whatever the shape of your existing lawn, or the one you want to create, Everest Greener Grass® can be tailored to your garden’s exact requirements. You can see below the key components that go into your artificial lawn.

  • 10 year guarantee

    Guaranteed for 10 years

    At Everest, we want you to be confident that when you choose our Greener Grass®, you’re investing in total peace of mind and a beautiful garden for years to come.

    Like all Everest home improvements, our Greener Grass® has been developed to a superior quality to ensure it meets and in many cases exceeds British standards on water infiltration.

    We’ve also extensively tested the UV stability, so even in exposed areas you know your Greener Grass® will stay looking lush and green all year round. In fact, whether it’s exposed to the weather, pets, children or all three, your Everest Greener Grass® lawn will stay looking as impressive as the day it was fitted.

    This is why we are able to offer these fantastic guarantees:

    • 10-year guarantee on Greener Grass®
    • 10-year guarantee on workmanship and installation

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