Our Toughest Test Yet

Our Toughest Test Yet

Our Toughest Test Yet

We stand proudly by the claim that we ‘Fit the Best’ and now we prove it with our toughest test ever. Watch our behind the scenes video to see how we test our products with the toughest tests in the industry. This was not a stunt for TV this is how we work at Everest. Everything we make is tested to make sure they all exceed the hardest of industry tests. We use Wintech, an approved independent test house that specialises in strength testing architectural glazing products. They have a veritable playground of test equipment and employ clever boffins who understand the physics of testing.

The Test

The test involved a set of our aluminium bi-fold doors and suspending a heavy weight (called a soft body impactor, or a big punch bag) on a three metre cable. It was then swung against the glass from an ever-increasing height, the resulting force of impact was calculated each time. Starting at a force equivalent to a 50kg weight, the test was repeated at increasing drop heights. After a day of testing and over 15 individual impacts of increasing force we found we couldn’t enlarge the test rig any further and concluded we could not break through the doors and so ended the test. To this day we still don’t know just how much force our bi-fold doors can we withstand, but we know for sure that it’s well over 200lb. We were more than happy – and so were the Advertising Standards Authority when we asked if we could portray this on TV.

Wintech testing

Our TV Ad

Our latest TV advert reflects this test. We admit it’s revisiting an old idea from 1982 when Ted Moult was the face of Everest. One advert had Ted stood behind our patio doors while a 100lb punch ball was swung against the glass. Naturally, they stood up to the test. We thought what better way to show how we continue to drive our development forward in 2016 than to go 100lbs better. Step forward Craig Doyle who was more than happy to repeat the test with a 200lb punch bag. We feel it perfectly demonstrates our claim of ‘fit the best’ remains as true today as it did 34 years ago.

Ted Moult - The Inspiration Behind the New Ad

Ted Moult - when he featured in an advert where a 100lb wrecking ball was swung against a patio door in 1982.

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