Triple Glazed Windows Cost


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Triple Glazed Windows Cost

Read our guide below about how much triple glazed windows cost and what can make a difference to the price of new windows.

Triple glazed windows cost

If you’re thinking of changing your windows, you might have wondered how much triple glazed windows cost. Are they worth the difference in price to upgrade from double to triple?

You might be surprised to find that Everest triple glazing does not cost a huge amount more than double glazed.

Read our guide below about how much triple glazed windows cost and what can make a difference to the price of new windows.

What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing has three panes of glass held together in a glazing unit with two insulating air gaps that slow down the thermal transfer of cold or heat through the unit. This makes your home warmer and helps to reduce heating bills too.

Everest's Energy Saver Triple Glazing

Everest's Energy Saver Triple Glazing

Everest triple glazing is constructed from different types of glass:

  • The external pane is made from low iron glass that maximises solar gain.
  • The internal pane is made from Low E glass that has a micro layer that reflects heat back into the room.
  • The central pane is made from a Low E toughened glass to avoid shattering when heat builds inside the unit.
  • In between the panes are two air gap cushions of inert Argon gas that is heavier than air and reduces thermal transmission.
  • In between the panes are warm edge spacer bars to reduce thermal conductivity.
  • The uPVC frame has 5 chambers that reduce heat transference.

Triple glazing is six times more efficient than single glazed windows. To upgrade from old double glazing to triple glazing is three times more efficient.

Type of windowU-value
Old single glazing>4.8
Old double glazing>2.4
Double glazing + Low-e + Argon gas1.22 – Excellent rating
Triple glazing+ Low-e + Argon gas0.80 – Excellent rating

Currently, triple glazing is under 1% of the UK window market. In Scandinavia and parts of Europe, triple glazing is much more mainstream with 60% market share.

Scandinavia might have colder temperatures than the UK, but this is not the only reason that triple glazing should be considered. Other countries are far more progressive in their design of energy efficient homes with a move towards reducing carbon emissions and reliance on fuels that contribute to climate change.

The cost of triple glazing

At Everest, our triple glazing costs 10-20% more than double glazing. 

The average price for triple glazing windows is anything between £660 to £4,320 per window, depending on the different options. But, the cost to triple glaze your house could be considerably different.

Type of windowAverage cost
Triple glazed uPVC casement window£660-2,200 per window
Triple glazed tilt and turn window25% more than a casement window
Triple glazed bay window150% more than a casement window

Thinking About New Triple-Glazed Windows?

Save money on your heating bills with Everest's A++ energy-rated Triple Glazing.

The options that affect the cost of a triple glazing window

When buying new windows there are a variety of options that make a difference to how much your new triple glazing windows will cost.

This is where someone comparing prices from different suppliers needs to be aware that they are getting a like-for-like comparison of quotes. At Everest, our prices include everything from the window, all furniture and fittings, installation to waste removal and recycling of your old windows.

Frame style

Casement windows

The standard style of window that opens on a side hinge with either one pane opening or a pair.

The average cost of triple glazing for a white uPVC casement window ranges between £660 to £2,200 depending on size and how many are being replaced in the property.

Tilt and turn windows

The Tilt and turn window is a popular style that can be securely left open for ventilation by tilting them inwards whilst remaining fully locked.

The cost of triple glazed tilt and turn windows is 25% more than a casement window.

Bay windows

Bay windows extend out from the room and because of this, you require three windows instead of one. Great for letting in lots of light and giving extra space in your living space a bay window gives you panoramic views from your house.

The cost of a triple glazed bay window can be up to 150% more than a casement window.

Sash windows

The weight increase of a triple glazed unit makes it very difficult to open and close the sash so we don’t offer sash windows with triple glazing.

Installation requirements

Perhaps something you don’t think about when you look at prices for triple glazing - they are all quoted on a basic easy install.

For an accurate cost to install triple glazing in a house requires a survey that takes into consideration any complications to fitting your windows.

Are some windows more difficult to access from the inside or the outside? Do you need scaffolding? Is the integrity of your walls sound and strong enough?

Number of windows

The biggest factor that will impact on a cost per window basis is how many windows are being installed. More windows will reduce the price per unit.

If you have a neighbour that also wants to replace their windows with triple glazing at the same time, your cost per window could become much more affordable.

Waste removal

When we complete an installation we will remove your old windows and recycle them. Our qualified and trained installers will remove all waste material and leave your home the same as they found it.

Some installers don’t take away your old windows as they have to pay to dispose of them. To dump windows is not an easy task and you might be charged by your local recycling center. So, always make sure that waste removal is included in a quote.

What should your quote for triple glazing include?

If you're comparing the cost of triple glazing from different companies, make sure you are comparing like-for-like.

As we highlighted above, there are many variables to consider that can dramatically alter a price.

If you do want to compare quotes then make sure your triple glazing cost includes the following:

  • A full technical survey with drawings
  • Full product details of size, style, colour etc.
  • The number of windows
  • The WER and U-values for the glass
  • Additional features, such as handles and locks
  • Any external window sills
  • When the work starts and finishes
  • Disposal of your old windows
  • Warranties for installation
  • Guarantees for products
  • Company details and accreditations (see below)

Everest Energy Efficient Windows

Double Glazing →

Our high-quality double glazed windows have an A+ energy rating – 1.3 W/m2K U-value

Triple Glazing →

Our triple glazed windows are our most energy-efficient, with an A++ energy rating – 0.80 W/m2K U-value

The pros and cons of triple glazing

Pros of Triple Glazing

  • Superior thermal performance
  • Retains heat in cold temperatures
  • Keeps heat out in summer
  • Reduced condensation
  • Increased living comfort
  • Additional security
  • Could increase property value

Cons of Triple Glazing

There are several common misconceptions about triple glazing. However, all the raised 'cons' are just misconceptions (read more about the 'disadvantages' of triple glazing here).

Double glazing vs triple glazing

The biggest difference between double and triple glazing is how much less heat escapes from triple glazed windows. The visual representation of a thermographic image shows clearly how much more energy efficient triple glazing windows are compared to double glazed fitted in identical adjacent houses.

Woodbrook Cottage Briar Cottage

When triple glazed and double glazed windows are made from the same material and to the same quality standard, the triple glazing should be around one-and-a-half times more energy efficient.

Based on U-values, Everest energy efficient triple glazing is three times more energy efficient than old double glazing and one-and-a-half times more efficient than our Everest energy saving double glazing.

If you are comparing the efficiency of double and triple glazing, there are a few variables that will compromise the comparison:

  • The depth of the glazed unit and space between the panes (more space = more efficiency)
  • The gas used between the pane - air, Argon or Xenon (air is less efficient)
  • Glass coatings such as Low E (more efficient)
  • Quality of the frame (more chambers and insulation in the frame)
  • The spacer bars used between the panes (warm edge = more efficient)
Double glazingTriple glazing
Energy ratingA+A++
U Value (heat transfer)1.220.80
G Value (solar gain)0.460.40
L Value (air leakage)00

Is triple glazing right for me?

The main advantages of triple glazing are found in the commitment to creating a house that is as energy efficient as possible.

The superior efficiency of triple glazing can help to create a house that reduces carbon emissions and uses less energy to heat.

As the Future Homes Standards and Building Standards are introduced, the U-value and energy efficiency of a window are becoming more important. It is expected that triple glazing will become the standard for new build houses in the next few years.

With the cost of triple glazing only 10-20% more than double glazing, it could be more affordable than you think.

Triple glazing FAQs

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    Is it worth having triple glazing?

    Everest triple glazing is 200% as efficient as old double glazing and only costs 10-20% more than new double glazed windows.

    The superior efficiency of triple glazing can help to create a house that reduces carbon emissions and uses less energy to heat.

    Triple glazing also creates more comfort in your home with less cold spots next to windows.

    Ultimately, it’s a personal choice based on your own requirements. But, as U-values become more important for homes and can contribute to better EPC ratings, triple glazing is becoming more popular in the UK.

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    Is triple glazing more expensive than double glazing?

    Everest triple glazing is 10-20% more than our double glazed windows. Some other manufacturers are over 30% more expensive.

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    How long does triple glazing last?

    Triple glazing lasts for around 20 years but does vary depending on the quality of the window units and the quality of the installation.

    Of course, windows can last far longer than their predicted lifetime and many houses have windows that are over thirty years old - if they've been well-maintained.

    It also depends on where the windows are positioned in a property. For example, a south-facing window that gets a lot of sun or a coastal facing property will have a shorter lifespan due to excessive weathering.

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    Can I triple glaze existing windows?

    Triple glazing is substantially heavier than double glazing and this needs to be considered when upgrading from double or single glazing. The strength of the supporting wall should be assessed for integrity by a professional installer.

    A triple glazed unit is also deeper than a double glazed unit, so this also needs to be taken into account when installing replacement windows. The standard width of a double glazed unit is 28mm and the standard size of a triple glazed unit is 36mm.

For the ultimate comfort and energy efficiency in your home

The superior efficiency of triple glazing reduces carbon emissions, uses less energy to heat and creates living space comfort you can't compare.