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What is box sash removal?

What is box sash removal?

Box sash removal and sealing is a very specialist process that involves a lot of delicate work to remove the box sashes that are set into the wall. If not done properly, it can cause not only significant short-term damage but also devastating long term damage to the wall.

Before the removal process begins the site is prepared and, as with any Everest installation sheets and other means of property, protection is laid down to protect the property and ensure that the installers leave no trace of their work.

Once everything is prepared and ready, the installer will begin the process of removing the sash window.  Any glazing that can be removed will be lifted out and placed to one side. The weights are then disconnected from the sashes and both are lifted out. The frame is then cut into sections that can be unscrewed and lifted away from the reveal in small manageable pieces.

Once the window has been removed, the installer can begin working on removing the old sash boxes from the window. As these boxes are set into the wall, the removal of these needs to be done with great care as to not damage either the internal or external wall surface.

They begin by making two angled cuts into the box at approximately a third of the height to one side.  This frees up the centre section of the box to be carefully removed. The boxes are then carefully collapsed and pulled out of the recess in the wall.

The sill is then removed leaving a completely empty reveal. The aperture is cleaned down to remove dust and debris and a damp proof course is applied to the inside of the recess to prevent any damage to the new frame from damp.

The recess is now damp proof. For added protection the installer will line all five faces of the recess with uPVC, sealing the lining together with silicone.

'What is box sash removal?'

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