Is triple glazing worth it?

Is triple glazing worth it?

Discover the benefits of installing triple glazing and whether it's better than double glazing.

Is triple glazing worth it

As building regulations tighten up around sustainable construction techniques and the pressure intensifies on property owners to bring homes and businesses up to standard, it's not at all surprising that interest surrounding triple glazed windows continues to grow day by day.

Triple glazing has become an architectural staple for properties situated in colder countries, such as Scandinavia and Canada, with building regulations in the UK stipulating that any windows installed today should possess U-values of no more than 1.6 W/m²K. So, you would be forgiven for wondering if there is a real need for triple glazing in Britain's relatively mild climate afterall.

Dr Benjamin Krick from Passivhaus Institute Germany, the accepted world authority on energy efficiency, has previously stated that "There's no question, triple glazing is the best glazing option for most parts of Europe, including the UK." Coupled with the fact that predictions point to our climate becoming hotter, wetter and more extreme in the future, triple glazing is the most logical step for consumers who demand the best energy saving windows around.

Which is better double or triple glazing?

It is a simple fact that double glazing has two layers of glass and triple glazing has three layers; five times more efficient than single glazing and three times more effective than double glazing. 60% more thermally efficient than standard C-rated double glazing and 40% more efficient than A-rated double glazing, the technical data speaks for itself;

Double glazingTriple glazing
Energy ratingA+A++
U Value (heat transmittance)1.31
G Value (solar heat intake)0.460.40
L Value (air leakage)00

Triple glazing is ideal for properties located in the North, North facing windows, new build properties, properties subject to extreme weather conditions, e.g. the coast, and areas that require added warmth and reduced condensation.

Is triple glazing more soundproof?

If you suffer from noise pollution, secondary glazing or acoustic glass may be a better option to consider. Although triple glazing considerably dampens noise when replacing single glazing, the middle pane of glass can actually increase sound vibration and amplify sound transference. Crucial points to consider here are the thickness of the glass and the size of the gap between the panes of glass.

What are the advantages of triple glazing?

Did you know that up to 35% of heat loss occurs through inefficient windows and doors? Triple glazing holds a variety of benefits, the most notable being:

  • Can save up to £766 a year on energy bills
  • Can add value by boosting the property's Energy Efficiency rating (EPC)
  • Can reduce condensation by up to 80%
  • An additional barrier against intruders
  • Low maintenance

What are the advantages of triple glazing from Everest?

Our triple glazing is anything but average! Working hard to keep your property as efficient and secure as possible, you can expect these fantastic features as standard when you purchase tremendous triple glazing from Everest:

  • The stylish, discreet and, above all, secure GrabLock from Yale
  • Burglar-resistant internal glazing bead
  • Argon gas between the panes
  • Low-E glass
  • Storm sashes
  • 5 chamber profiles

Does triple glazing keep heat out?

It's all very well keeping heat in the home but what about keeping heat out, when the sun is streaming through your window in the summer months? As mentioned above, the G Value measures the amount of solar intake that the glass allows - the lower the number, the more effective the glazing is at controlling the temperature inside. Our triple glazing has a G Value of 0.41, whereas our double glazing has a G Value of 0.48. This is why triple glazing is also the ideal choice for rooms that suffer from the 'greenhouse effect'.

Is triple glazing cost effective?

Triple glazing is somewhat more expensive than double glazing, due to the fact that there's an extra piece of glass involved. However, at Everest, we don't show prices because we firmly put you in control from the outset. As you can see, the benefits in comparison to double glazing truly outweigh any cost involved.

Do triple glazed windows get condensation?

All glazed windows will experience condensation at some point in their lifecycle, it is the type of condensation that's important to consider.

  1. If there's condensation on the outer pane of the window there is no need to worry; the window is doing its job properly
  2. Condensation on the inner pane points to a lack of ventilation inside the building, which could be a result of poor quality glazing
  3. Condensation in between the panes of glass indicates that your window seals have most likely failed and need to be replaced immediately

If you wish to discuss your window issues further with a knowledgeable double glazing expert, our live chat facility is the quickest way to get in touch with us.

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