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  • Georgian bars

    Everest Cottage Windows have been perfectly designed to enhance the traditional appearance of older or older-styled homes.

    Their vertical and horizontal strips can be used to create a simple, yet stylish pattern on many of our windows. This not only enables you to choose the look of your window, but also to add the modern style of a tilt turn window, or the traditional look of a timber sash

    Decorating our casement windows in a Cottage style ensures they significantly exceed the level of security demanded by British Standards. They will help keep your home warmer as well, with our white uPVC casements offering an incredible A+12 rating. 

    Everest Cottage Windows are also available in durable, light aluminium allowing us to create much slimmer frames that are ideal for smaller windows often found on older properties.

    We also offer Everest Cottage Windows in Timber to provide an authentic homely look, but still exceed the British Standard for security and offer A-rated thermal performance.

    All Everest Cottage Windows not only live up to the popular versions of the 18th Century, they provide more benefits than many other modern windows, and come with comprehensive guarantees. 

    So why not book an appointment for one of our consultants to give you a no obligation quote.

  • Triple glazing

    Our triple glazing boasts an industry-leading A+21 energy efficiency rating. They are our warmest, quietest, safest and toughest windows yet. For more information on Everest Triple Glazing Windows, click here.

  • Framing

    One way to help make your house look beautiful is to ensure that each individual window looks balanced in its own right. There are two types of window framing options - traditional and contemporary. Traditional makes your frames match on both sides, giving it a symmetrical design, and contemporary allows the glass panes and window openings to vary in size.

    Contemporary framing is available on uPVC casement, uPVC tilt turn, timber casement, and elite composite casement windows. Traditional  framing is available on standard and premium uPVC casement, uPVC tilt turn, timber casement, aluminium casement and elite composite casement windows.

  • Smoothweld

    A bi-product of having our own in-house development team is that we are always able to create new technology. Our premium uPVC casement windows incorporate our new “smoothweld” technology, with smooth joints on the corners of the window that are almost invisible to the eye. This helps improve the look of your window’s design and is a real progression in terms of aesthetics. Available on our premium uPVC casement windows.

  • Conservation range

    Here at Everest, we appreciate conservation areas are an important part of our architectural and historical past. Windows often play a huge part in retaining the character of a town or street scape. Replacing them with inappropriate, poor quality windows can easily spoil traditional features on historic buildings, so we’ve designed our composite windows to help both preserve our past whilst bringing the efficiencies of modern materials for the future.

    There no longer needs to be a decision between traditional aesthetics and modern technology. Whether you live in a cottage in a village, an original townhouse or a period property, you can rest assured that Everest Elite Windows will fit in perfectly.

    By following and considering historical design and Article 4 Conservation Area guidelines, Everest have been able to retain the authentic character of timber whilst combing all the modern benefits of uPVC.

    Each conservation area window is made bespoke to your needs. So if you require Georgian bar latticework, it will be hand applied by our expert craftsmen to match the traditional latticework already in place. These same craftsmen also help achieve the crucial 19th century flush fit that makes our composite windows stand out.

    Alternatively, you can specify Butt Hinges to maintain original features. Modern windows often lack this character as the hinges are hidden, but it’s this authentic ironmongery that’s crucial to maintaining an authentic appearance.

  • More choice

    There are many factors that go into fitting the right window, and none more important than appearance and style. We know how important your home is to you, so we strive for excellence in even the smallest details and provide you with a range of options that cater to the tastes of the people of Great Britain.


    Everest windows come in a wide range of colours and finishes, and are even available in dual colours with white on the inside as standard with a seperate colour on the exterior of your windows for greater customization. 


    Customise your windows further with our furniture options including handles, operating stays, locks and sash eyes all available in a selection of styles. Everest window furniture also comes in a range of colours including gold, chrome, black, brass and graphite.


    You can also enhance the character of your property even more with our glass options:

    Obscure - A range of patterns perfect for bathrooms and offices

    Decorative - A range of coloured, leaded and bevelled designs

    Security - This glass includes laminated glass for maximum strength and resistance

    Safety - Designed to break into harmless fragments if shattered

    Noise Reducing - Designed for use where noise is an issue, such as in flight paths or next to loud roads

    Self Cleaning - The ultimate in low-maintenance, the special outer coating reacts with sunlight to break down dirt

    Anti-Sun - A tinted glass reduce the sun's glare

    Each Everest window comes with it's own range of colours, furniture and glass - please see each individual product page for full options or book an appointment with one of our expert consultants who can show you the full range.

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All our products are bespoke, so to provide an accurate quote an appointment is required. Simply fill in the form below and let us know a time that suits you. Partial or full completion of the form will stimulate a follow up to confirm the appointment.

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