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Aston MacAndrew-Uren

Aston MacAndrew-Uren

Everest backs young karting prodigy


We're proud to sponsor Aston MacAndrew-Uren

Aston MacAndrew-Uren

We are a proud sponsor and supporter of Aston MacAndrew-Uren, a budding GT3 driver

We started sponsoring Aston back in 2017, when his Dad (Wayne MacAndrew-Uren), who is also his coach and operations manager here at Everest approached Marketing Director, Martin Troughton with a sponsorship proposal. This initial investment was put towards a new chassis and high-performance Honda engine, which has totally transformed the way Aston Drives and puts him in a much better position to compete with other drivers. He competed in the Whilton Mill Club Championship in 2017, where he was the youngest driver and had a fraction of the budget of some other teams such as Fusion, Global and Virtus.

Racing in the Uren blood

It's no surprise that Aston has taken to the sport, as karting is in the Uren blood. The fourth-generation karting competitor in his family, he looks set to continue the family tradition, hopefully going on to win titles like his great-grandfather Jeff - a prolific British racer and team manager, who won the British Touring Car Championship in 1959.

Jeff Uren

"We're very grateful for Everest's support, and are proud to be out there representing the brand. It's great for the public to see that Everest actively invests in young talent."


Wayne MacAndrew-Uren

What does the future hold?

Aston is now getting ready to compete in the WMKC Championship this season and you can follow his progress on his AMU Motorsport Facebook page.

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