Triple Glazed Windows

Triple Glazed Windows

For a warmer, more energy-efficient home

  • Our most energy efficient window
  • A++ energy rating
  • Endorsed by Energy Saving Trust
  • Low-E glass retains heat in your home

Our most thermal efficient glazing

Everest triple glazing is rated A++, the highest energy rating for windows and is endorsed by Energy Saving Trust. The extra pane of glass reduces the conductivity of the window, helping retain more heat in your home. This makes your home warmer, cosier and can help reduce heating bills too.

Everest triple glazing windows endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust
Everest A++ rated triple glazing windows
An energy efficient white casement window with triple glazing in a kitchen

What makes Triple Glazing energy efficient?

It's not just the extra pane of glass that makes triple glazing energy-efficient. We add many more features to ensure its our most efficient window.

  • Low-E glass - A microscopic coating reflects heat back in, reducing heat loss and energy bills.
  • Storm sash - Double rebated window with Q-Lon weather resistant seals for weather protection.
  • Argon gas between panes - Heavier than air, it acts as an insulator, blocking out cold air for optimum insulation.
  • 5 chamber profile - The sash profile is made up of 5 chambers, designed to prevent heat escaping.

Is Triple Glazing more secure?

The extra pane of glass not only helps with thermal efficiency, it can also make your home more secure. The extra pane of toughened glass makes the window more difficult to break and can even stop an attempt in the first place by acting as a deterrent. All Everest triple glazed windows are also fitted with GrabLock as standard, and internal glazing bead, which prevents glass being removed from outside. So you can rest assured your home is safe and secure.

A highly secure casement window with triple glazing and GrabLock in a cosy living room

Double vs Triple Glazing

Is triple glazing better than double glazing? The comparison table below shows the technical differences between an Everest double and triple glazed window.

Double GlazingTriple Glazing
Energy RatingA+A++
U Value1.31
G Value0.460.40
L Value00

Triple Glazed Window styles

Triple glazing is available in a range of window designs and styles.

Casement Windows →

Our most popular window with excellent performance and versatility.

Tilt & Turn Windows →

Opens inwards for easy cleaning and tilts for secure ventilation.

Bay Windows →

Create a sense of space with panoramic views and more sunlight.

Case Study

uPVC Triple Glazed Windows

5 star rating 5 out of 5 on TrustPilot

I'm so impressed with how warm the house is now in the winter with the triple glazing, there is a definite difference from before. Mr G, Lincolnshire


Is Triple Glazing worth it?

Triple glazing is more thermally efficient and secure than double glazing, but whether it is the right choice for you and your home will depend on several factors.

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    Is triple more expensive than double glazing?
    Yes, an identical triple glazed window will cost more than a double glazed window. However, the overall cost of window is dependent on more than just the glazing option such as size and number of openings required. In general its about 10% to 20% extra but our experts can help you to select the right options to bring this into your budget range.
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    Do triple glazed windows reduce noise?
    Many will claim it does just because of the third pane. This is incorrect as actually the middle pane can increase sound vibration and amplify sound transference. If noise pollution is important for you we recommend our Double Glazing with noise reducing glass or Secondary Glazing, which has been designed to be more efficient at reducing noise.
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    Does triple glazing reduce condensation?
    Yes they should is the short answer but condensation comes in three forms (on the outer pane, on the inner pane and between the panes) and it’s not always bad news. If it’s on the outside of the house this is good and a demonstration of quality windows. However, if it’s inside the house this is caused by a lack of ventilation and lower quality double glazing – increasing ventilation within the room can improve the issue otherwise new windows would be advised. If the condensation is in between the panes then your unit has failed and is letting in water, which will require a replacement to rectify.
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    Is triple glazing better than double glazing?
    Both offer benefits and advantages. Triple glazing does offer better thermal efficiency ratings and is better at retaining heat inside the home, but it is more expensive versus double glazing. Also you need to consider if you need it for example if your property faces north then triple glazing would make a noticeable difference. However, if you have a property facing south double glazing will probably suffice.
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    Does triple glazing keep heat out?
    Some homes are prone to the "greenhouse effect," particularly in those that have south or west facing windows. Technically this issue is called solar gain and is measured by the G-value or solar gain which measures the amount of the sun's 'free' energy that the window lets into the property. Triple glazing, with 3 panes of glass has a lower G value and will result in lower solar gain compared to double glazing.

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